Comfy Toyota Prius 2016 Interior for a Smooth Journey


Do you have any expectations of the Toyota Prius 2016 Interior? Beside the spacious interior offered by the car, you can enjoy great features that are up to date in terms of technology. Do you think this car will enhance your lifestyle in a good way?

Sophisticated Interior Appearance


Toyota Prius 2016 Interior is definitely better than the exterior appearance. This car will give a decent amount of comfort. The car that can accommodate five passengers and has decent material quality with the SofTex Trimmed Seat concept that is enhanced by sufficent space.  You’ll not have to worry about squashing people in the back seat. The extra spacious interior and the ergonomic front seats will give extra comfort to the driver and passengers. This car also has a Power Adjustable Driver Seat that will make the seat easy to adjust.

The car has an expansive sunroof which will help in determining the temperature in the cabin. The front dashboard has panels with the different features that will allow the driver or passengers to activate the controls easily. This specs of the car are complimented with JBL Audio to amaze your ears.

Top Features


This car will offer you additional features. You will be impressed by the wireless smartphone charging. You just place the smartphone in the hole and then turn on the power.The color LCD screen uses aircraft inspired technology to project important information right on the windshield,This will help you to watch keep your eyes on the road. The display in this car will show the speed and Hybrid System Indicator info, and also give turn-by-turn directions.  This is a kind of the intelligent system. When you’re driving by yourself, you can choose to heat or cool the front seats, helping increase the overall efficiency of Prius. Does the Toyota Prius 2016 Interior fit your style.

10 Photos of the Comfy Toyota Prius 2016 Interior for a Smooth Journey


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