Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 Interior – Winner at Delhi Auto Expo


The design of Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 Interior won the bi-annual auto expo in Delhi. Beating other land rover cars, the Discovery Sport 2015 was nominated in several categories. Rather than arguing with your friends, let’s take a look at the concept now.

Interior Features of Discovery Sport 2015


As an SUV car, the Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 Interior really has some of the finest features. The starter is already equipped with the push-to-start feature. Yet, the music system is enhanced with USB ports and is connected to a 10-speaker audio system. The 8-inch touchscreen also enhances the driver’s ability to see the blind spot of the car. The lock and unlock system is integrated with the touchscreen as well as the rear camera. This car really surprises everyone, as the dual-zone feature is equipped as climate enhancement.

The controllers on the dashboard are also easy to operate. According to a review in Cars magz, the physical button is the perfect concept when the touchscreen is not functioning well. The straightforward interface on the touchscreen is also enhanced with the decent graphics. Each feature is very well responsive and the interior of discovery sport 2015 is intended for adventurers. This SUV is well suited for adventures in the wilderness.

Concept of Seating


The concept of the Discovery Sport’s seating is also very magnificent. Why? You must meet several conditions that intend the mid-size of body chassis. The ability to make the seating become so suitable is attributed to the reclining feature of the seats. The adjustable part on the headrest really proves that the interior supports the comfortable interior. Since the interior is enhanced with double backrest enhancement, it makes the design of seats look so sporty. Therefore, the Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 Interior really made hit the headlines once it was featured in the Delhi Auto Expo.

10 Photos of the Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 Interior – Winner at Delhi Auto Expo


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