Great Ford Edge 2016 Interior That Focuses on Space


The great spacious seats of the Ford Edge 2016 Interior will are perfectly combined with the sophisticated technology to make driving fun and comfortable.  This car offers the luxury both for the exterior and the interior. Let’s check out some more details.

The Sophisticated Technology


Ford Edge 2016 Interior modern features that can help keep you connected to your world with hands-free calling, voice-activated entertainment, customizable instrument cluster screens and touchscreen controls. You can change the way of interacting and connecting with the vehicle. There is also a host of other interior amenities and advanced technologies. They make driving convenient, and enjoyable. Don’t drive while distracted. Use voice operated systems if it is possible and never use the handheld devices during driving.

Well, several features in this car can be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones. data rates and Message may be applied. The map updates of the optional navigation will not be received through the Wi-fi. It will also require the separate updates. You’ll see the attention to detail everywhere you look inside the Edge. Sports model delivers a substantial performance upgrade and so much available technology and luxury features will help you enjoy driving.

The Best Seats


Plenty of space for passengers and luggage in this car make the journey really great. You do not need worry about traveling with plenty of gear when on holiday. The interior is well groomed with the high-quality material in leather. The available Panoramic Vista Roof can be opened to view the sky and to let in natural light. So whether you’re sitting up front or in back, the Panoramic Vista Roof lets in more of the world above. You can get all of these great features from the Ford Edge 2016 Interior which is quite attractive.

10 Photos of the Great Ford Edge 2016 Interior That Focuses on Space


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