Audi A4 2015 Interior Redesign for a New Ergonomic Seating Style


As a 4-seater sedan with a great design, the Audi A4 2015 interior comes with a minimalist cabin style and a spacious interior. It has elegant material that covers almost all of the interior of the cabin. The seating design inside this car is well arranged and the seats are ergonomic.

Of course, Audi still tries to maintain the high-end value  of the vehicle. A new interior in this A4 2015 series is a great value addition. Let’s take a deeper look at how beautiful the car interior design is. It can be a good starter car for you if you want to get a new car with a simple and minimalist style.


Compact with Comfy 

The dashboard of Audi A4 2015 interior uses a large panel which is user friendly and convenient. The main panel of the RPM and tachometer is placed right behind the steering wheel. You can easily look at these screens as well as other vital car information. Some additional AC vents on the dashboard are also installed that allow you to set extra air conditioning settings for the interior of the car. As for the seats, the design is compact. This means that the interior of this vehicle is still spacious enough and has great features.

Large Storage inside a Sedan


Who says that a sedan should have  minimal storage? Well, things are quite different with this vehicle. The storage area of A4 series has an additional compartment for baggage. It looks nice and has a a tidy appearance.  This additional storage inside the car is an advantage that you will get with the A4 series. Find out more about Audi A45 2015 interior by exploring our posts and we hope you enjoy.

10 Photos of the Audi A4 2015 Interior Redesign for a New Ergonomic Seating Style


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