Honda CR-V 2015 Interior with High Specification Features


Car enthusiasts are definitely impressed by the new Honda CR-V 2015 interior. The features in this car ensure that the driver and passengers are comfortable at all times. The car has modern features that make traveling less stressful. If you want to buy this car model, but you don’t know the base information related to this car, you should read on. We hope that the description below will be helpful to you.



This car has many features that cannot be found in previous version. The first one is the auto AC. This AC is supported by dual zone climate control. The one touch settings allow you to control the entire Honda CR-V 2015 interior quickly. The second one is the telescopic steering wheel that makes it easier for drivers to set a suitable steering position for the driver. Lastly, a sliding sun visor is an additional  feature for reducing the bright lights from the outside.

Lets talk about the seats now. This car is quite spacious. The seats are arranged in an compact arrangement that allows all passengers to enjoy more seating space and legroom. In addition to the great seating arrangement, front seats have a heating feature. Another seat feature is the thin seat back. This is a perfect design that allows the people who seat behind to have more leg room.

City Living Style


Living in the city means that there are bound to be  more things to get done. This means that there is plenty of multitasking. A Steering wheel-mounted control in this car is a good solution for this problem. The driver can answer the phone and listen to music without moving his/her eyes from the road. This is what you can get from the Honda CR-V 2015 interior with added features.

10 Photos of the Honda CR-V 2015 Interior with High Specification Features


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