Interesting Car Birthday Decoration for Indoors and Outdoors


Do you ever think about car decorations for birthdays? This theme sounds interesting for car lovers. This theme can be applied to both the interior and exterior. The popular designs include traffic light cupcake and car shaped cookies. Absolutely, the kids would love these designs. Do you want to create a surprise party for your kids with this theme? What are you waiting for? Please read following explanation below.



The birthday party interior concept can be done by choosing a particular place. How about a carwash? The colorful ribbons can be put along the frame of a door. After placing them, you can put up a banner entitled “car wash”. The children can enter the room by passing these ribbons. It feels like they are entering a car wash area. The car wash-themed party will be enjoyable design for the little boys and girls.

You can also create a car decoration for birthdays by designing tables. The table where the food and drinks are placed should be designed in a creative way. A vibrant tablecloth color and some wheels on each table’s leg complete the table decor.



The chairs should be well arranged around the table. They can be any type of chairs. Car numbers can be placed on seat-boards. It will like the child is actually driving a car when seated in the chair. The table can be designed with a tablecloth that has road signs along the center of the table. For the outdoor car decoration for birthday, you use your creativity to come up with interesting decor.

10 Photos of the Interesting Car Birthday Decoration for Indoors and Outdoors


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