Modern with Stylish Citroen C4 2015 Interior for Unique Ride


In contrast to most modern cars designs, the Citroen C4 2015 interior challenges the traditional look. While modern and stylish  fluid accents have been the theme of most car designs, the Citroen C4 does not adapt much to this concept. This car emphasizes on a distinctive look and traditional function. However, the Citroen C4 can compete with with any other modern car. To maintain the distinctive look, this car offers a unique and attractive style.

Citroen has met the needs of the customers with this C4 model. This car has more personality in the design, a greater comfort, useful technology, and reduced cost of ownership. The unique style that the C4 has adopted, is memorable and identifiable since the design is different compared to most modern cars. The design features smooth and sleek surfaces, flowing lines, a floating roof, advanced technology and visual features, which multiple functions.


Great Comfort in Unique Design

Citroen believes that great comfort comes with generous seating provision. Without the spacious seatin arrangement, the long trips will exhaust not only the driver but also all of the passengers. The Citroen C4 2015 interior dashboard is designed low which enables you to create more space for the front seats. It also makes an easy to access storage. The dashboard layout is optimized for the functions such as  roof technology, conventional control buttons, traditional instrument cluster instead of a digital screen, and an easy push system.

Useful Technology while Maintaining Traditional Convenience


While this model uses some conventional analog buttons for some of the controls, it also uses a digital and intuitive touchscreen interface. The touchscreen has met the minimum standards of having 7 inch screen with seven main control buttons. These main buttons give access to various car controls. With the combination of analog and modern interfaces, the Citroen C4 2015 interior is more unique than many other cars.

10 Photos of the Modern with Stylish Citroen C4 2015 Interior for Unique Ride

superb-design-of-the-citroen-c4-2015-interior-with-brown-grey-dash-ideas-of-the-citroen-c4-2015-interior-ideasstunning-design-of-the-black-dash-ideas-with-black-seats-and-steering-wheels-ideas-as-the-citroen-c4-2015-interiormarvelous-design-of-the-brown-dash-of-the-citroen-c4-2015-interior-ideas-with-black-steering-wheels-ideasfantastic-design-of-the-white-dash-ideas-with-many-hidden-storage-ideas-as-the-citroen-c4-2015-interiorawesome-design-of-the-black-dash-ideas-with-black-steering-wheels-as-the-black-floor-as-the-citroen-c4-2015-interior-ideasastounding-design-of-the-citroen-c4-2015-interior-with-white-dash-and-white-seats-ideas-with-black-accent2015 Citroen DS 6WR Interior Designamusing-design-of-the-black-dash-ideas-with-grey-seats-and-black-steering-wheels-ideas-as-the-citroen-c4-2015-interioramazing-design-of-the-citroen-c4-2015-interior-with-grey-and-brown-accent-dash-ideas-with-grey-seats-ideasadorable-design-of-the-black-dash-ideas-with-black-seats-added-with-black-steering-ideas-as-the-citroen-c4-2015-interior

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