Volvo V40 2016 Interior: A Great Car with Premium Design


What do you think about Volvo V40 2016 interior? Is it wonderful? Yeah, this kind of Volvo car is great with the amazing design interior. The designer of the car definitely gave attention every detail resulting in a near-perfect car. Knowing about the interior of Volvo V40 2016 will enlighten you on the benefits. Check out more information below.

Competitive Class Car


When talking about the Volvo V40 2016 interior, you definitely know that we are going to talk about the competitive class car. Yeah, this car is gaining a lot of popularity. This premium Volvo has LED lights that work well at night and during the day. The car also comes with radar sensors. The radar is very useful for control of radar cruise and automatic braking for emergencies.

Features and Changes Inside

Going inside to the Volvo V40, you will find that the center console is a tadĀ bit cluttered. The console is complete with buttons that are beneath the 5-inch screen. The interior is made pretty with wonderful doors and dash that have soft-touch materials.


The car has a unique gear lever that looks like a joystick. The interior style is a bit retro. It which gives the car a one-of-a-kind look. The car has back rear headrests set in an upright position which is quite comfortable for passengers. After reading this information, you can determine how to comfortable the Volvo V40 is. You can also imagine how the view of the car interior looks. The info about the Volvo V40 2016 interior will help you decide whether you want to get one for yourself.

10 Photos of the Volvo V40 2016 Interior: A Great Car with Premium Design


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