Volvo V90 2016 Interior with Infotainment Centerpiece


Have you checked out the Volvo V90 2016 interior? Have you ever imagined for having this car? Actually, the car is recommended for you. The interior of the car is quite attractive and comfortable. Every side of the car well designed and includes great accessories. Now, check out some important information about the interior of Volvo V90 2016 below.

Wonderful Interior Masterpiece


Entering the Volvo V90 2016, you will be surprised by the view of the interior. Actually, design interior of the car is almost same with S90’s interior. The focal point of the interior is the infotainment screen. The car is also complete with various knobs, Wilkins speakers, grilles, and much more.

The Volvo V90 2016 will come with plenty smart features that include collision mitigation, 360-degree cameras, large-animal detection, active high beams, and parking assist.The vehicle is quite hi-tech and many of the features will ensure that you will be safe when you drive the car.

Specific Features


Here are some other specific features of the Volvo V90. The car will have a four-cylinder turbocharged, 2.0-liter engine. It means that the car will be very powerful with its 24 horsepower twin engine.

The Volvo V90 2016 has a wonderful concave grille and cool zigzag tail lamps with incredible design. When you see the car in person, you will be amazed by the design of the interior which is is so amazing. It is very suitable for those who need a powerful car. What do you think after reading through the Volvo V90 2016 interior features?

10 Photos of the Volvo V90 2016 Interior with Infotainment Centerpiece


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